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Blog- December 2012 issue

“The members of FJIL are pleased to announce that the following authors and articles will be featured in our December 2012 issue:
Jordan E. Toone, Occupation Law During and After Iraq: The Expedience of Conservationism Evidenced in the Minutes and Resolutions of the Iraqi Governing Council
Sebastian Lopez Escarcena, Interferences with Property Under European Human Rights Law
Markus A. Petsche, A Critique of the Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens
Patrick A. Woods, Inevident Truths: Why Current International Norms and Policies May Not Have Supported the American Revolution
Arletys Rodriguez, Copyright Law: Balancing Foreign and Domestic Interests in the International Arena

The Journal will publish the first issue of 2013 in April, and is currently accepting article submissions for the August 2013 issue.”