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August 2010 Vol. 22.2
“Definitely Maybe: The Outlook for U.S. Relations with the International Criminal Court During the Obama Administration”
-Stephen Eliot Smith
“The Social-Obligation Norm of Property: Duguit, Hayem, and Others”
-M.C. Mirow
“Navigating the ‘Series of Rocks’: Applying the Lessons from the Material Support Bar to Include Duress, De Minimus, and Age of Consent Exceptions to the Persecution Bar”
-Frank M. Walsh
“Our ‘Jack Bauer’ Culture: Eliminating the Ticking Time Bomb Exception to Torture”
-Kate Kovarovic
“Taking Risks Ethically”
-John D. Haskell
“The Right to Development: Exploring the Legal Basis of a Supernorm”
-Noel G. Villaroman
April 2010 Vol. 22.1
“The Effectiveness of Pandemic Preparations: Legal Lessons from the 2009 Influenza Epidemic”
-Bradly J. Condon & Tapen Sinha
“Too Big to Fail —Too Small to Compete: Systematic Risk Should Be Addressed Through Antitrust Law but such a Solution will only Work if it is Applied on an International Basis”
-Sharon E. Foster
“Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in Removal Proceedings: Matter of Compean and the Fundamental Fairness Doctrine”
-Jean Pierre Espinoza
“The Art of Money Laundering”
-Hannah Purkey
Gandara v. Bennet: Does the Eleventh Circuit’s Decision Presage the Future of Article 36 in American Jurisprudence?”
-Stephen D. Lott
December 2009 Vol. 21.3
“An Eerie Erie Question: Does Florida’s Offer of Judgment Statute Apply in Maritime Cases?”
-Mohammad O. Jazil & David C. Miller
“To Fix the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime — Avoid State Classification”
-Jack I. Garvey
“Legal Ramifications of the War in Gaza”
-Johan D. van der Vyver
“Keeping Dealers off the Docket: The Perils of Prosecuting Serious Drug-related Offences at the International Criminal Court”
-Johan David Michels