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Vol. 27, Issue 3 (Dec. 2015) PDF

  • Justiciability of All Human Rights: Scottish Independence as Redress for British Human Rights Abuses
  • Universal Subordination to the Rule of Law as a Precondition for the Conceptual Possbility of International Law and the Case for Democratizing the United Nations
  • Looking Beyond R2P for an Answer to Inaction in the Security Council
  • Criminalizing Land-Grabbing: Arguing for ICC Involvement in the Cambodian Land Concession Crisis
  • Human Sex Trafficking: An International Problem with an International Solution Requiring National Implementation
  • International Law: Honoring the Letter and Spirit of International Treaties

Vol. 27, Issue 2 (Aug. 2015) PDF

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Vol. 26, Issue 1 (April 2014) PDF

Vol. 25, Issue 3 (Dec. 2013)

Vol. 25, Issue 2 (Aug. 2013)

Vol. 25, Issue 1 (April 2013)

Vol. 24, Issue 2 (Aug. 2012)

Vol. 24, Issue 1 (April 2012)

Vol. 23, Issue 3 (Dec. 2011)

Vol. 23, Issue 2 (Aug. 2011)

Vol. 23, Issue 1 (April 2011)

Advisory Board

Sen. Bob Graham

Senator Bob Graham


Senator Bob Graham is the former two-term governor of Florida who also represented the State in the U.S. Senate for 18 years. During 10 of his years in the Senate, Senator Graham was a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – including 18 months as chairman from 2001 and 2002. After retiring from the Senate, Senator Graham served as a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he lectured to undergraduate, graduate and executive management students. His primary teaching focus was on civic education and intelligence, issues which continue to be of great importance to him. Senator Graham is currently chairing the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism whose mandate is to build on the work of the 9/11 Commission and to assess our nation’s progress in preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. Here at the University of Florida, Senator Graham serves as the chair of the Board of Overseers for the Graham Center for Public Service. The Center’s research and teaching focus is on areas of Public Service, Homeland Security, and The Americas.

Justice Eliezer Rivlin

Justice Eliezer Rivlin


Justice Eliezer Rivlin, a seventh generation Israeli, serves as the Deputy President of the Israeli Supreme Court. His research interests include comparative tort litigation, comparative constitutional law (in particular the right to free expression), and law and economics.

Prof. Berta E. Hernandez-Truyol

Professor Berta E. Hernandez-Truyolis


Prof. Berta E. Hernandez-Truyolis the Levin Mabie & Levin Professor of Law at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Her research interests include international law, international human rights, issues of gender and race, and employment discrimination.

Ambassador Dennis Jett

Ambassador Dennis Jett


Ambassador Dennis Jett served as the U.S. ambassador to Mozambique (1993 – 1996) and Peru (1996 – 1999). He served as the dean of the International Center and a lecturer of political science at the University of Florida from 2000 – 2008. Ambassador Jett’s research interests include American foreign policy, and international peacekeeping. He is currently a professor at the Penn State University School of International Affairs.

Prof. Stuart R. Cohn

Professor Stuart R. Cohn


Prof. Stuart R. Cohn, a long-suffering Chicago Cubs fan, serves as the Associate Dean for International Studies, Gerald A. Sohn Scholar, and the John H. & Mary Lou Dasburg Professor of Law at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.  Prof. Cohn is also a member of American Bar Association (Committee on Federal Regulation of Securities since 1980, Subcommittee on Proxy Regulation and Tender Offers), and the Florida Bar Association (Executive Council, Business Law Section, 1995-present; Chairman, Committee on Corporations and Securities, 1995-97; Chairman, Subcommittee on Judicial Dissolution of Corporations, 1993). His research interests include corporate, securities, and franchise.