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Vol. 25, Issue 3 (Dec. 2013)

  • The Case of Bolivia v. Chile in an Era of Transforming Sovereignty
  • Discretion Operationalized through Law: Proprio Motu Decision-Making at the International Criminal Court
  • Letters of Credit and Performance Bonds: How are these Popular Credit Enhancement Devices Applied in International Project Finance? From their Common Law Origins to their Application in Civil Law Systems – the Peruvian Case
  • From Recognition to Regulation: Access to In Vitro Fertilization and the American Convention on Human Rights
  • Constitutional Confines: Determining the Applicability of the Citizenship Clause to American Samoa Tuaua v. United States

Vol. 25, Issue 2 (August 2013)

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2014-2015 Write-On Competition

The Journal Write-On Competition for interested law students begins this July 2014. Participants will write a short comment on one of several pre-selected cases. The competition period runs from July 1 through 31st. To sign-up and for more information, join the “Florida Journal of International Law 2014 Write-On Competition” course on TWEN. Case comments must be submitted on or before 11:59 PM on July 31, 2014. Contact Student Works Editor Ashley Esparza with any questions.